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Our 2013-2014 Challege Team includes Ms. Krigger, Ms. Mckenzie, Ms. Gaguieve, Ms. Hernandez, Mr. Levy and Ms. Clark. fund our Garden through our participation with the Education Fund "Plant a Thousand Gardens" Collaborative Nutrition Initiative (CNI)

We had a great 2012-2013 team with Ms. Cintron. Ms, Krigger, Ms. Ruiz and Ms. McKenzie returning for Round 2, while Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Gaguieva joined the team with great ideas! The Launch Brunch was a good start to the year and we came home with a native Cassia Senna tree to plant! Later we participated in 2 Fairchild events: Plants in Peril garden drawing fieldtrip with Ms. Cintron, and the Youth Can Conference, lead by Ms. Krigger and the Firefly Crew! This May Ms. Krigger led the group back to Fairchild for a third event and the students came back with plants to take home for observation of root growth.


The awards ceremony on May 28th gave us a lot to shout about!! Congratulations to:

Challenge #3 Poetry Special Merit Award recipient Max Boyd!

All the teachers & students that participated in the Challenge #5 Garden/Habitat Restoration PPT...we scored 350 points to earn theThird Place Trophy!

To all our Challenge participants for winning the Fairchild Challenge Elementary School Award with 1216 points!!!

To Learn more about the 2012-2013 Challenge for Elementary Schools, visit http://www.fairchildgarden.org

2012 Challenge Participants & Awards:

  • Ms. Mckensie, Ms. Krigger, Ms. Ruiz and Ms. Cintron made the 1st year of the Fair child Challenge a huge sucess!!!
  • Our 2012 Environmental Role Models, Priska Vaz and Ms. Cintron!
  • Flower Power Poetry Special Merit Award recipient Sarah Boyd!
  • Beautiful Blooms Honorable MentionsPriska Vaz, Sabrina Cid and Rodolfo Martinez!
  • All the teachers & students that participated in the Garden/Habitat Restoration Special Merit Award for Persistance and Perserverance!



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